December 15, 2022

2022 State Testing Scores

Data was released from New York City regarding the performance of students on the 2022 ELA and Mathematics Exams. This comparison data from NYCDOE and the comparison to 2019 pre-pandemic performance is the best measure of our student’s learning during the pandemic.

BSNBCS Performance: Overall, BSNBCS students in Grades 3-8 averaged a 70.4% pass rate in ELA and a 54.5% pass rate in Mathematics.

NYCDOE Comparison: We outperformed NYCDOE overall and in each grade by grade comparison for both ELA and Math on the 2022 State Exams. NYCDOE grades 3-8 averaged a 49% pass rate in ELA and a 37.9% pass rate in Mathematics. BSNCBS students had an overperformance compared to their district peers with 143.7% in ELA and 143.8% (where 100% would be an identical performance).

Comparison of 2022 and 2019, school only: BSNBCS students saw an increase of 22% percentage points ELA from the 2019 pre-pandemic baseline (57.6% in 2019 vs 70.4% in 2022). BSNBCS student Math performance remained stable at 54.5% in 2022 (the same in 2019, regaining any learning loss from the pandemic, back to baseline of 0.0% change).

Comparison of NYC 2022 and 2019: NYCDOE saw an ELA increase of 1.6% (49.0% in 2022 vs 47.4% in 2019) and a drop in performance of 7.6% in Mathematics from the pre-pandemic baseline (37.9% in 2022 vs 45.6% in Mathematics).

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