Founded in 2010, we are proud to be a stand alone Public Charter School in District 16 of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn serving grades K-8. We pride ourselves in the passion and care with which we have built a learning environment that continues to improve to reflect the needs of the community and meet the academic standards set forth. We work tirelessly every day to ensure our students feel confident about themselves as learners and optimistic about the path to success in the future. We are Bed Stuy! We are a community of passionate educators and talented students with great families.

Derived from the LATIN roots of the building, which was historically Saint John the Baptist Parochial School, our core values embody the ways in which we support the academic and social development of our students! Together, they ensure our students THRIVE!



Our students and staff understand that self-control and self-discipline are keys to success. In order to succeed academically and become responsible citizens, students must follow directions the first time they are given. They must stay focused and follow the school rules to maintain a positive and safe learning environment.



Our focus on service learning and helping others is part of the foundation of our school. Being kind to others means being caring, helpful, and understanding of others, without expecting anything in return.



Our school community is built on respect. Teachers model respect for students by treating them with fairness and having high expectations for them. Students respect themselves, their peers, their teachers, and their school environment.


Hard Work

Staff, students, and families understand that hard work is essential. Hard work is doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals. It means overcoming challenges and mistakes and not giving up.



BSNBCS believes that honesty is the best policy. It is also the way we hold one another accountable to ourselves and others.



In order to achieve academic excellence, BSNBCS believes in committing ourselves to the character values defined above. Good character and academic excellence go hand in hand.


stars BSNBCS is not only a supportive school for my children, I have a third grader and a seventh grader, it is very supportive to me as a parent as well. Their teachers are in communication with me regularly about my child’s progress and the office team and support staff are always available to answer any questions. It is a loving community that I am glad to be a part of!

Mrs. Williams

stars This is a great school. My son started out in kindergarten and he will be going to 5th grade for the new school year. The teachers work hard with each child. The staff are friendly and polite and the school as a whole is well organized. Thank you BSNBCS.

Susan A.

stars Since I enrolled my kids in this school I have seen improvements in their academic performance. They can now read well. The school's staff and teachers are friendly and approachable. I would recommend this school.

Anuoluwapo A.

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