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BSNBCS partners with the largest provider of meals for NYC’s school system – School Food. They offer nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, and after school snack for free for all scholars who fill out a School Food Application. If you fill out the application, and don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch, don’t worry, we still offer your child meals at no charge to you! Last year, over 1/3 of all scholars ate breakfast every day, and 2/3 of all scholars at lunch every day. Their menus are posted online so you can see what your child is being served. A specific set of food policies is in our Student and Family handbook, if you have particular questions. More details about each meal is provided further down this page, after the links.

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Breakfast is offered from 7:30 to 8:00am every day. Grades K-3 are served in the cafeteria, with hot food offered 2-3 days a week. Grades 4-8 will have refrigerated breakfast delivered to their homerooms every morning. Class begins at 8am sharp, so we recommend showing up closer to 7:30 to give your child adequate time to eat and prepare for the day.
Read more about breakfast on Schools Food’s website here:
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Last year, around 400 students at hot, nutritional School Food lunch every day! This year, we are decreasing the amount of scholars in each lunch period, with the Kindergarteners having their own lunch. Scholars will eat according to the schedule below. If you cannot send your child to school with a lunch and must bring it during the day, please make sure to have it in the main office at least 20 minutes before his/her lunch time. For more information regarding this and other Food Policies, check out the link to our handbooks at the end of the Overview section above.

  • Kindergarten: 10:55-11:20
  • 1st/2nd grades: 11:25-11:50
  • 3rd/4th grades: 11:55-12:20
  • 5th/6th grades: 12:25-1:00
  • 7th/8th grades: 1:00-1:30

Check out more information on School Food’s lunch program here:
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After School Snack (Supper)

We are continuing our tradition of feeding all our scholars who choose to expand their learning after school. Furthermore, we are excited to improve on the substantive quality of After School Snack by upgrading from “snack” to “supper”. For example, instead of carrots and a milk, scholars would receive a caesar chicken wrap with a small salad and milk. In addition to improved programming, we hope that improved snack will be yet another reason to stick around after school!

More information on Supper can be found here:
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stars BSNBCS is not only a supportive school for my children, I have a third grader and a seventh grader, it is very supportive to me as a parent as well. Their teachers are in communication with me regularly about my child’s progress and the office team and support staff are always available to answer any questions. It is a loving community that I am glad to be a part of!

Mrs. Williams

stars Since I enrolled my kids in this school I have seen improvements in their academic performance. They can now read well. The school's staff and teachers are friendly and approachable. I would recommend this school.

Anuoluwapo A.

stars This is a great school. My son started out in kindergarten and he will be going to 5th grade for the new school year. The teachers work hard with each child. The staff are friendly and polite and the school as a whole is well organized. Thank you BSNBCS.

Susan A.

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