K-8 Afterschool
& Enrichment Programs

We know that learning doesn’t end after the last period of the day with your child’s teacher—- and in some cases, neither does your work day! This is why BSNBCS prioritizes having an onsite, whole school, After School Program dismissal to 6pm everyday, Monday through Friday for all grades.

Our grades K-8, whole school after school program takes place onsite in our building from dismissal to 6pm, Monday through Friday. We encourage all parents to take advantage of the program because it offers our students time to socialize and develop interests in extracurricular activities. In the Middle School, it also provides free Math and Reading tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We have after school everyday we have Day School. If BSNBCS is closed, so is after school.

If you would like to learn more about our After School Programming and/or Saturday and Holiday Enrichment Programs, let us know!

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stars BSNBCS is not only a supportive school for my children, I have a third grader and a seventh grader, it is very supportive to me as a parent as well. Their teachers are in communication with me regularly about my child’s progress and the office team and support staff are always available to answer any questions. It is a loving community that I am glad to be a part of!

Mrs. Williams

stars This is a great school. My son started out in kindergarten and he will be going to 5th grade for the new school year. The teachers work hard with each child. The staff are friendly and polite and the school as a whole is well organized. Thank you BSNBCS.

Susan A.

stars Since I enrolled my kids in this school I have seen improvements in their academic performance. They can now read well. The school's staff and teachers are friendly and approachable. I would recommend this school.

Anuoluwapo A.

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