Reuben Finerson

Hello! my name is Reuben Finerson.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. This current year will be my fourth year in education.  I’ve had the pleasure and experience of teaching K-4 in various facets of teaching, but specifically with 1st and 4th Grades.  This year I was offered the opportunity to teach 5th Grade ELA. I’m super excited because not only will it be a new experience for me, I heard 5th Grade is where it’s at!  My motivation for this field of Education is due to the fact that I’ve been working with kids since High School from summer camps to Mentorship Programs. The youth has always been my passion.  I believe in giving my students a role model they see themselves becoming when they grow older.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: 5B Teacher
  • Location: 410
  • E-mail address: