Lansberth Henningham

Mr. Henningham is a proud Jamaican Educator who has served in the capacity of Social Studies Teacher and 11th grade director for five years, prior to his immigration to The United States. Mr. Henningham has worked in the areas of Science and Social Studies teacher in Far Rockaway for four years. He is a graduate of Church Teachers’ College, University of the West Indies and currently pursuing studies at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). Mr. Henningham is a dedicated educator who works assiduously to ensure that his students experience academic growth. Mr. Henningham is committed to his professional growth and development, and his ambition is to be a school administrator. Mr. Henningham is guided by his philosophy that every child can learn and every child must learn. This means that regardless of students learning needs, with proper planning and differentiated instruction each student can achieve academic success.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Social Studies Teacher