Kwashee Totimeh

Mr. Totimeh is an educator from Philadelphia who loves sneakers. Mr. Totimeh attended Temple University located in Philadelphia for his undergrad and Brooklyn College for his graduate school. He gains an appreciation for teaching everyday as he makes an impact on scholars lives. Even on the rough days, he finds that the reward is so worth it as he has grown such a love and passion for developing our youth. Mr. Totimeh’s lifelong mission has become to educate, uplift, and advocate for underrepresented groups and empower them to do the same for their own communities. Mr. Totimeh is very big on pushing students to embrace what they love to do outside of education and who they truly are. Mr. Totimeh’s favorite quote is “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work'” — Colin Powell

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Social Studies Teacher
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