Ebony Jenkins

Ebony Jenkins is an Early Childhood educator. She has an Early childhood masters degree of science. She also has a B.A. in Forensic Psychology. She has 6 Years in the D.OE. as a first grade and Kindergarten teacher and 7 Years as an U.P.K Teacher in a Day Care. Born , raised , fellowship and received my elementary and Junior high school education in Bedford Stuyvesant. Transitioning from a teen to a young adult I started to see a lot of the challenges minorities and low -income families faced. These problems impacted me and made me more aware of how essential it is to helping my community by advocating for our most important possession our kids. As an undergraduate I attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice and I interned as an AmeriCorps member. Under AmeriCorps I partnered with Community Counseling and Mediation as a youth court instructor and activity specialist. I received hands on experience with at risk teens. I developed a passion, working with teens and preteens. This experience changed my life. It was an eye opener; I noticed that there was a bigger problem. Majority of the students we served lacked the basic skills they needed to succeed in life, skills they should have learned in early childhood were not mastered. I felt that many students didn’t have the support from home because parents worked long hours and their teachers didn’t connect or relate to the issues minorities and low-income students encounter. Instead of complaining about the problem I wanted to be the solution. When I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice a few months later I began working at the Salvation Army Daycare Center. While working at the Salvation Army I completed my masters in Early Childhood at Brooklyn College School of education. A few months later started working in the DOE at a school in East Harlem. Everyday I wake up and I see the choice I made to switch.

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  • Position Title: Second Grade Teacher