Crystal Gonzalez

Ms. Gonzalez is the ELL Teacher at BSNBCS. Her role as an ELL teacher, is to teach scholars grades K-8 who speak a language other than English, how to speak English as a new language. This is her second year at BSNBCS and her first year working with only English language learners. Ms. Gonzalez says it has been a very exciting year thus far! As an ELL Teacher, Ms. Gonzalez has focused on how to meet her students where they are, set daily goals and create steps in getting them to their next highest level of English proficiency. Ms. Gonzalez looks forward to helping more scholars master the English language in the future, as she is working towards adding the TESOL Teaching certification towards her teaching repertoire.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: ELL Teacher
  • Location: 205B
  • E-mail address: