Chason John

Ms. Chason John has been an educator for 14 years, teaching a variety of grade levels from Pre-K to higher education. She fell in love with the theater arts after seeing CATS on Broadway as an 8th grader on a school field trip. The passion for the theater arts that was ignited in her on that crucial day has been fueling her ever since. She double majored in Theater Acting and History and Early Childhood Special Education at Brooklyn College CUNY. Ms. John has used the techniques of theater to drive her pedagogy in all of the classrooms she has been entrusted with. She is currently implementing an original curriculum for BSNBCS that has two main goals: to help students create, write, then perform an original work and to help students become strong communicators. Ms. John enjoys working with students and believes all students are gifted and talented.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Theatre History & Dramatic Arts
  • Location: The Studio (107)
  • E-mail address: