Charles Bryant

My name is Charles F. Bryant My teaching career began right after graduating from High school. I became a paraprofessional with the NYC DOE. I was stationed in Riker’s Island a detention center off of East Elmhurst Queens in the Long Island Sound. I did that for a number of years until becoming a corrections officer. After a 10-year stint with the NYC Dept. of Corrections.

I returned to my roots in education earning my master’s degree St. John’s University through a career training program offered through the city. I was assigned as a teacher in Manhattan HS I remained for 2years and then relocated to Philadelphia where I taught a 10th grade geometry class. Due to a family crisis, I moved back to NY and taught in a HS in Hempstead Long Island where I remained for many years. I love teaching. I believe it to be a calling that one must be certain of and I commit to it with passion. I’ve made a difference in hundreds of young people’s lives and will continue to do so as I live.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: 6th/7th Grade Math Teacher
  • Location: 505
  • E-mail address: