Charlai Newkirk

Ms. Newkirk has come to BSNBCS this year to teach 7th grade ELA following 8 years previously teaching in the DOE. Starting off as a paraprofessional just up the street at Young Scholars Academy for Discovery of Exploration now know as Brighter Choice, Ms. Newkirk has enjoyed the experiences and challenges that come along with teaching kids in our communities. Educated with her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from MCNY and a Master’s Degree in Students with Disabilities from Brooklyn College, she hopes to continue on to pursue her Doctorate. Off the clock Ms. Newkirk coaches cheerleading and facilitates girl empowerment groups as well as continues her work as an Educational Specialist for Cypress Hills Afterschool Program. She believes education is attainable for all and loves to bring her creativity to the classroom to show it.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: ELA Teacher
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