Celeste Cartagena

As an Educator, I have worked hard to take the initiative to configure programs that have increased community and the likelihood of student success. This is demonstrated by my participation in various professional development workshops focused on technology in the classroom, creating strong IEP’s and using data to drive student performance. My strong organizations, analytical and administrative skills have allowed me to effectively maintain an environment for learning and promote student achievement. I have a strong desire to grow and expand my knowledge base which is demonstrated by my dedication to my own education. Through hard work I have been able to obtain Master’s Degrees in both Educational Leadership and Elementary Education. My completion of the NYC Teachers Fellowship program and certifications in General and Special Education demonstrate my commitment to my professional development and have enhanced my skills in leadership, administration and classroom management

Contact Information

  • Position Title: RTI/IEP Specialist
  • E-mail address: ccartagena@bsnbcs.org