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*Note: we are in the process of updating our staff titles and roster. You can scroll down to browse in alphabetical order, the search bar does not work for all browsers currently. Thanks for your patience!

Name Position Department

Ilana Drubach

Math Teacher

Isaac Middleton

PE Teacher

J’Vaughn Dominguez

Behavior Intervention Specialist

Jasmine Barmer

5A Teacher Associate

Jason Gorbel

Photography and Media Teacher

Jay Nickerson

RTI Teacher

Jesica Lindor

6th Grade Special Education ELA Teacher

Jose Romero

Math Elective Teacher

Joseph Nord

Josielyn Valbuena

6/7th Science Teacher

Judy Trazino

Academic Affairs Specialist

Julia Cenatus

Learning Coach

Julisa Lopez

Operations and Recruitment Associate

Kamari Reid

Operations Associate

Kamee Baker

Math Teacher

Karl Hanner

Digital Media Teacher

Karla Matos

3B Teacher

Ketsia Constant-Andre

5th Grade Teacher Associate

Kharema Williams

Behavior Intervention Specialst ,

Kristall Waldron

Fourth Grade Teacher