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Annette Warner has been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 8 years. She began her journey as an educator as a pre-k and preschool teacher in the private school sector. She has also completed student teaching in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Annette also attended public school in the Bedford Stuyvesant area. Annette’s believes that “In order to educate the whole child it takes a team of individuals that is willing to go above and beyond, even if that journey takes you beyond their educational needs. A child cannot learn if their basic needs are not met”. One of the biggest reasons she was drawn to BSNBCS was that it is in the heart of the community in which she grew up. “I was attracted to the enthusiasm that the BSNBCS team has for their students that come from all walks of life”.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: 1st Grade Special Needs Teacher
  • Personal Title: 201
  • E-mail address: awarner@bsnbcs.org
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