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*Note: we are in the process of updating our staff titles and roster. You can scroll down to browse in alphabetical order, the search bar does not work for all browsers currently. Thanks for your patience!

Name Position Department

Olga Rycko

Middle School Coordinator

Patience Brown

Lower School Director

Paul Caducci

Assistant Dean

Philicia Murray

Kindergarten Instructional Teacher

Rachal Mann

2B Teacher

Rashida Masters

4A Teacher Associate

Reina Raju

Finance and HR Associate

Rena Machado

KC Teacher

Senen Solano

Associate Dean

Shamika Brown

Art Teacher

Shane McCormack

3B Special Education Teacher

Shari Khanam

4A Special Education Teacher

Shelley Ann Simmonds

KB Instructional Associate

Shelly Oberoi

5th Grade Humanities Teacher

Sheniqua Jones

Middle School ELA RTI ,

Silbia Pagan

Middle School Director

Simon Yuen

6/7th Math Associate

Tamara Lewis Vargas

4A Teacher

Tamika Jones

3C Teacher

Tara Irizarry

5th Grade Special Education Learning Coach