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*Note: we are in the process of updating our staff titles and roster. You can scroll down to browse in alphabetical order, the search bar does not work for all browsers currently. Thanks for your patience!

Name Position Department

Linda Basnight

School Safety

Lisa-Renée Brown

Chief Financial Officer and HR

Lisette Julien

7/8TH Grade Social-Studies Teacher

Maria Correa

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Marie Jeudy

3A Teacher

Marlon Ferguson

4th Grade Instructional Associate

Meena Saunders

5/6thGrade Social Studies Teacher

Michael Reyes

School Aide

Michael Tecca

Operations Associate, DYCD Program Director

Michelle Lawrence

7/8TH ELA Special Needs Teacher

Millie Garcia

Kindergarten Instructional Associate

Minnie Guevarez

School Community Relations Manager

Mittie Cowan-Williams

Music Teacher/Choir Director

Natalie Flores

LS Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator

Nicholas Tishuk

Executive Director

Nurije Nora Balla

3rd Grade Teacher

Olga Rycko

MS ELL Teacher/ MS Testing Coordinator

Patience Brown

Lower School Director

Philicia Murray

Kindergarten Instructional Teacher

Rachal Mann

ELL Lower School Teacher