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*Note: we are in the process of updating our staff titles and roster. You can scroll down to browse in alphabetical order, the search bar does not work for all browsers currently. Thanks for your patience!

Name Position Department

Christina Davis

6th Grade Special Education Teacher

Cindy Delmas

Academic Dean ,

Cindy Gonzalez

KA Teacher Associate

Clarissa Crandall

1B Instructional Associate

Craig Satz

3B Teacher

Crystal Gonzalez

ELL Teacher

Danielle Loadholt

1C Teacher

Demetria McDonald

Curriculum Specialist and 6/7 Grade Math Teacher

Dianna Guerrero

Special Needs Manager

Dominique London

6/7th Grade ELA Teacher

Elana Kanter

7th/8th Grade Special Education Teacher

Elisabeth Young

Family and Community Engagement Manager

Emily Tomasko

2B Teacher

Erin Brown

K-8 Hearing Officer

Eugene Lebedev

7/8th Math Teacher

Faith Dempster

RTI Specialist

Freddie Mattison

After School Program Coordinator

Frederick Dugans

Logistics Manager

Gillian Rougier

2A Teacher Associate

Hiomaira Collado

1C Teacher Associate