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*Note: we are in the process of updating our staff titles and roster. You can scroll down to browse in alphabetical order, the search bar does not work for all browsers currently. Thanks for your patience!

Name Position Department

Alicia Robinson

4C Teacher Associate

Amanda Daley

2C Teacher

Angela Friona

ELA Coordinator

Annie Gillies

7/8th ELA Elective teacher

Annie O’Neil

3rd Grade Lead Teacher

Archmanie Barratt

7/8th ELA Teacher

Ava-Gail Calvert

2C Teacher Associate

Bejamin Kulos

4C Teacher

Bryan Attmore

Facilities Manager

Carmen Laguer

RTI Specialist

Catherine Targonski

2A Teacher

Catherine Townsend

DOH School Nurse

Celeste Cartagena

RTI/IEP Specialist

Chakia Alexander

1st Grade Teacher & K Literacy Specialist

Chanelle Patrick

Dance/Performing Arts

Charissah Richards

5th Grade Associate

Charlene Bailey

1st Grade Teacher

Charles Jeffries

Middle School Academic Dean

Chason John

Theatre History & Dramatic Arts

Christina Davis

6th Grade Special Education Teacher
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